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About Us

Who we are:

The story of TwinFlame is a simple one sprouting from two like-minded individuals who are passionate about people. We believe that people are at the core of marketing and we have centered our services around that belief. TwinFlame offers an array of services that strive to highlight the importance of your brand. 

Where we're based:

The beautiful, sunny city of Durban, South Africa is where we call home. The internet is a glorious creation so while we may not be located in the same area as you, we’re still able to create magic together!

What we do:

Our passion lies in working with you. Elevating your brand to the next level, growing your business & striving to reach those goals faster. We are a flexible, hands-on Marketing Agency that takes care of all your digital and online needs.

Why Us?

Higher engagement

In today's society, just having your social media networks and being active is not enough. We want to help you have more engagement with your audience to ensure your correct target market is being reached.

wider market reach

With the digital world taking over, people are spending more time on their social networks. We want to help you reach a wider audience and increase awareness of your brand.

Build a community

The average consumer does not want to be marketed to 24/7. They want to better understand your company's core values, establishing a personal connection with your brand. We want to help you build a community around your brand to secure customer loyalty.


Marketing strategy

The world is constantly moving at a fast pace and there’s always something new trending. We help you keep up with those trends and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

Content Creation

We want to save you the stress of worrying about what to post next. Our team creates all relevant content to be posted on your social networks as well as offering you a photography & videography service.

Social media management

Running all operations of your business can become overwhelming. Our team takes care of managing all your social media accounts, taking the stress off you whilst still maintaining excellent customer service.

Photography & videography

We understand that to make an impact you need to visually grab the attention of your audience. Our team offers a photography & videography service to take care of all your personal and corporate events.

Brand activations

Launching and distributing your products into the market can become stressful. Our experienced team coordinates and manages all your campaign launches and assists in hiring professional hosts & hostesses. 


Each business is different and unique, therefore, their marketing needs differ. We offer custom-made packages tailored specifically to the needs of YOUR business to ensure you are receiving the best value for your money.

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